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Are individual and family health insurance plans available in California?

If you are a single, couple or family living in Orange County, you may be able to purchase an insurance plan from CIF Insurance Agency. There is health underwriting with these plans which means how you answer the health questions and your medical records/history are considered towards your eligibility. If you are not eligible we can refer you to the Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP) or you may be eligible for small group health insurance. Both do not have health underwriting.

What type plans are available in California and which carriers sell these plans?

Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Aetna, HealthNet and PacifiCare are the leading carriers in California. Most offer both HMO and PPO choices. Also, if you are between jobs you may want to consider short-term health insurance. These “bridge” plans can last for up to six months and are less expensive and have more lenient underwriting guidelines.

What should I know when purchasing a health insurance plan?

Plans are month to month and you may be able to change plans depending on your health status. There are also non-maternity plans, HSA plans, Generic Rx only plans, basic & catastrophic and plans that offer a few doctor visits per year. This allows the consumer the flexibility and choice to find a plan that best meets their expectations and budgets.

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Do I pay commissions or a fee for your services?

No-we have a wholesale relationship with all the major insurance carriers and you do not pay any commissions or fees for purchasing a plan through my agency.

Can the insurance carrier increase my initial price of the plan due to my health history?

Yes, the carrier can instill a Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) during the underwriting process. Thus, rather than decline an applicant the carriers, at times, increase the price based on risk factors such as smoking, pre-existing health condition or medical records.

Can my policy/premiums be cancelled or increased based on claims?

No-once approved you can never be dropped based on any health claims and your rates will also not be increased based on plan usage/claims.

About Our Orange County Insurance Agency

California Insurance Finder is your trusted Orange County insurance agency for affordable health care insurance. Our goal is to guide our clients to make an informed selection of insurance plans with the best combination of benefits and price. We start by evaluating your health needs and recommend the best plan, whether it’s a Covered California plan or one outside the CA insurance exchange.

What Type of Health Plans Can I Purchase?

Our insurance products include health insurance, life insurance, Medigap & Medicare supplement insurance, medical plans and long term care insurance for business groups, families, individuals, seniors aging into Medicare and consumers who are looking for guidance selecting California insurance exchange health plans. Beginning with the initial policy to filling out forms, making claims, administrative needs as well as simple questions and requests for help, we provide top-notch service and ensure that our clients never need to contact the insurance carrier ever again. Located in Huntington Beach and serving all of Orange County, CA

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