California Supplemental Accident Plan

With rising health care premiums many people are purchasing high deductible health care plans from us ( to reduce their premiums. This catastrophic coverage, often referred and purchased as a Health Savings Plans (HSA Plan) offers the solution many individuals, families and business’ are selecting to provide coverage for such an event.

There are two types of claims a person could incur: Illness and Accident. In both events a person or family would probably satisfy their deductible (example $5,000) and have 100% coverage for the rest of the year.

Many people, including myself and my family, have purchased an accident policy to supplement their health insurance. An accident is an unforeseen event, not planned and not pre-existing.

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*Prices are monthly rates
*Prices include individual and families

24 Hour Accident Coverage

Coverage Premium

Example #1:

Let’s assume that your family has a $5000 deductible and you purchased the $5000 (Basic Plus) Policy. The $44.95 rate covers your entire family with $5000 in accident coverage. Your son is playing soccer and falls (accident) and needs to go the Emergency Room where he is diagnosed with a broken wrist. He is “casted” and you get a bill for $2400 from your insurance company. Your deductible is $5000. Thus, you are responsible for the entire $2400.

You now submit your accident claim ($2,400) to the carrier and you receive a check for $2,300 because you have a $100 deductible with your accident policy.

Example #2:

Same health plan deductible above and same accident plan. You break your leg and you require an operation to rebuild your knee. The bill comes to $15,000. You have a $5000 deductible on your health plan. Thus, you are responsible for $5,000 of the bill. You submit your claim and receive a check for $4,900 which you can then send to the provider to pay your $5,000 bill. Thus, the accident to re-build your leg cost you only $100.

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