Blue Cross Health Plans

Anthem Blue Cross of California has three Tonik Health plans to choose from. Same all-around coverage: PPO plans with Co-Pays for doctors’ visits (deductible waived), Preventive and Generic Rx. All three plans include dental and vision. What’s not included with Tonik plans is maternity and Brand Rx.

Here’s the “deal” with the (3) plans to choose from

There are (3) deductible plans to choose from $5000, $3000 and $1500. What’s nice about Tonik is that once you reach your deductible you are covered 100% as there is no co-insurance (%) breakdown other than 100% coverage.

Office visit coverage and co-pay amounts vary by plan. Only the $1500 has unlimited visits per year ($40). The other two plans offer (4) per year. But, for the person that only goes to the doctor a few times per year these (2) plans are lower much lower in premium and may be right for you?

I have my wife and (2) young boys on the $1500. If you were to compare EVERY PPO plan from EVERY carrier in California the Blue Cross Tonik 1500 has the lowest out of pocket exposure ($1500)-period. Thus, if you are OK with generic Rx and a non-maternity plan this is the best insurance (lowest out of pocket exposure) you can purchase today. You pay the first $1500 of medical expenses and then you are covered 100%.

The dental and vision that are package are a nice bonus. Preventative care is covered in full. You have a small deductible for cavities of $25 and then you pay 20%. There is a $500 max benefit/year. It doesn’t cover major services. The vision offers about $100 in benefits for frames and/or contacts. So, the packaged plans are not designed to be comprehensive (you can upgrade). However, they are a nice “packaged” feature.