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Homeowners Insurance: Buying a home in 2020, with a “hot” sellers market in California is of the most important investments you will ever make. Even if you are financing this purchase it needs to be properly insurance. Protect your home, family and possessions by purchasing homeowner’s insurance with CIF Insurance Agency. We have contracts with the largest carriers in California that offer the most competitive rates.

Our dedicated agents are ready to help you determine what coverage is right to protect your investment in the event of an unexpected accident or loss. Knowing you are covered from liability on your property as well as your property is properly insured and covered is our main goal. We are committed to customer service and our knowledgeable agents will make sure your policy is issued with every possible discount available. We review every policy that renews with our clients to make sure it is the right amount of coverage.


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Description of Coverages

Dwelling (Coverage A) is the amount that the dwelling is insured for. Our policy will give you an Extended Replacement Cost feature to give you added protection. This might cover things like new roofs, window damage, etc.

Other Structures (Coverage B) will provide coverage for structures on the property but not connected to the main dwelling, such as a tool shed or detached garage.

Unscheduled Personal Property (Coverage C) The contents of your home is insured on a replacement cost basis. This would include furniture, custom built appliances, clothing and anything that you would move into the home after purchase of the home. There is some personal property that is limited under the standard policy and should be covered under a Personal Articles Floater. These items include but are not limited to money, jewelry, firearms, artwork and antiques.

Loss of Use (Coverage D) When a loss occurs due to a covered peril and the dwelling becomes uninhabitable, the cost of additional living expenses could be overwhelming. Reimbursement of any additional living expenses would be insured under coverage D of the policy.

Personal Liability (Coverage E) The Personal Liability section provides personal liability coverage against a claim or lawsuit resulting from accidental bodily injury or property damage to others caused anywhere in the world by an insured. Coverage E does not provide protection for auto or business related incidents. This coverage protects you and all family members who live with you.

Medical Payments to Others (Coverage F) helps cover medical expenses for third parties that you may feel morally responsible but not legally obligated to pay although you do not have a legal obligation.

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